A Smile Reminder!
Healthy teeth for a lifetime–
Something you can smile about!
Betty Anna Gidlof, RDHAP, with Brite Smiles of California, provides mobile dental visits to your home. This  includes wheelchair and bedside service for those who cannot make it to the traditional dental office. Unfortunately, caring for your mouth is often overlooked when trying to control other health issues. In fact, dental care is as important as taking medications and regular physical exercise! Betty Anna stresses the importance of dental health as we age and will provide complementary oral evaluations and answers to “Dry Mouth” which is often related to multiple medications that you might take. Just think: No the long delays waiting for an appointment. No rush visit in crowded dental office No lengthy forms to fill out
Please contact Brite Smiles to arrange a free dental exam today and be able to chew and smile confidently for a lifetime!