Brite Smiles is a progressive company specializing in the oral health care of people who need it the most.

Evidence links poor oral health to serious systemic illnesses, including diabetes, stroke, hypertension, myocardial infarction, and aspiration pneumonia. With Brite Smiles, your residents who need help performing oral care, will finally receive it.

We work to close the gap and provide a long and often ignored aspect of health care.

The California Legislature created the RDHAP to deliver quality preventive dental hygiene services to those who don’t have access to a traditional dental office.

An RDHAP is a vital link between the Dentist and the patient, alerting the dentist to needs only they can address, such as extractions, crowns, and fillings. More importantly, an RDHAP will also deliver the following treatment that only they specialize in:

  1. Oral evaluations •Oral cancer screening •In-residence and bedside dental hygiene care including:

  1. Oral prophylaxis and periodontal maintenance therapies (scaling and root planing)

  2. Dental implant care

  3. Therapies for dry mouth

  4. Fluoride treatments

• Denture and partial cleaning

• Strategies for prevention of caries and gum disease

  1. Oral Hygiene Instruction for patients and caregivers

  2. Dental sealants

  3. Localized delivery of chemotherapeutic agents

  4. Cytology sample collection

Registered Dental Hygienist

in an Alternative Practice